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Founding of GISCOSS/TCV

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Gisborne East Coast Council of Social Services Inc/

Tairawhiti Community Voice

Founding Members

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  1. Margaret Lenora Hatton

  2. Margaret Janet Fraser 

  3. Stephen Douglas Alan Hooper 

  4. Kathleen Mary Weatherall 

  5.  Patricia Mary Elizabeth Hall

  6. Helen Bertha Goodman

  7. S.P.Janett ? 

  8. Robin Rosemary Rouse 

  9. Miriam Swarbrick

  10. Leslie Bryon

  11. Missing Number

  12. H. M Ross

  13. Jillian Ann Wallis

  14. Esme Tombleson

  15. (illegible)

If you have any information about our founding members we would love to hear from you!
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