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Nan Evans Award

Interested in Nominating?

Tairāwhiti Community Voice presents the Nan Evans Award for ‘Strength of Spirit and Dedicated Work for Your Community.’ 

Nominations open February 2024 for this special award that is intended to acknowledge voluntary dedication, teamwork, inspirational leadership or those with persistent determination to see our community sector thrive.

The recipient of the award is selected by the Tairāwhiti Community Voice Committee Members who will present it at the TCV Annual General Meeting, 11 November 2024.

Terms and Conditions: 
Please note the following: 

  • Only financial members of our network can make nominations

  • The person nominated must do volunteer work which is done of one's own free will, unpaid, for the benefit of others. They can be in paid work as well, but must be considered to ‘go the extra mile,’ and contribute to the community above and beyond what is expected of their role.

  • If a group is nominated, one certificate is presented to the group. 

  • The award is given in the spirit of GISCOSS/TCV and has to stay within the organisation.

  • The award must be returned in time for the next years ceremony.

  • The TCV Committee Members will consider each nomination and vote for the Nan Evans Award winner. 

  • Please be aware that all information contained in your nomination may be used for publicity. 

  • The TCV Committee Member's decision will be final. 

All nominations will be acknowledged.
If you don’t receive an acknowledgement within seven days, please contact us. 
020 4190 0415 or

Nan Evans Award - best pic 2019.jpg

This annual award, named in honour of Nan Evans who was the founding member of Tairawhiti Community Voice (formerly known as GISCOSS) and a great advocate of community development, is aimed to recognize leadership, voluntary involvement, generosity and/or efforts that help strengthen our community.

Nan Evans was a huge community person.

Founding member of GISCOSS (Now TCV) she was the chair, secretary and Treasurer. Prior to her passing, she was a remedial reader, helping children with reading difficulties. She would even spend her own money on books so the children had something to read.

After Nan Evans passed away, her husband Ray wanted to remember her in the way that she was a community person. To reflect on her life as a volunteer. So he decided to start the Nan Evans Award.

  • Judy Livingston was the first-ever recipient of the award in 2008.

  • Stewart Harries 2009 nominated by Kay Beck of St John. Volunteered for St John Ambulance every Tuesday night for 26 years. Calculated 14,224 hours of volunteering.

  • Shirley Robertson 2010 nominated by Alison Crawford for her work with Palliative Care. Click here for Gisborne Herald Article

  • Audrey Pratt 2011

  • Zillah Smith 2012 nominated by Hospice Tairawhiti. Click here for Gisborne Heard Article

  • Bargo Te Purei 2013 (Te Araroa) nominated by Gisborne East Coast Cancer Society

  • Nona Aston 2014 nominated by Gisborne East Coast Cancer Society

  • 2015 had no nominations

  • 2016 Flag the Bag Tairawhiti Team collected by Nicky Solomon nominated by Leslynne Jackson

  • 2017 Barbara and Wes Baillie nominated by Robyn Stuart-Kohn  Citizens Advice Bureau. Between them, Barbara and Wes have volunteered for 28 years at CAB

  • 2018 Ray Stevenson nominated by St John. Ray has been involved in St John Gisborne for approx the last 58 years.

  • 2019 Betty Thompson nominated by Diane Larsen of Arohaina Centre.

  • 2020 Betty Stephen nominated by Jane Kibble, Volunteer Manager at Hospice Tairawhiti

  • 2021 Recipients - Stroke Tairawhiti Volunteers for 10 years as of May 2021 – Caroline Callow, Sherryl Moroney, John Unverricht, Julie Stevenson

  • 2022 - Sunshine Service Gisborne.

  • 2023 - Dot McCulloch - 35 years service to Care and Craft Gisborne.

  • 2024 - 

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