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The Honeycomb Koru

The Honeycomb

The honeycomb symbolises local organisations coming together to achieve the shared outcome of improving the community’s well-being.


Network groups, like the hexagonal wax cells, fit perfectly together with minimal materials saving themselves time and energy so they can continue their important work. The hexagon shape itself has proven to add extra strength to even lightweight materials that can stand much greater force than if other shapes are used making it a very relevant shape for TCV with so many of our grassroots organisations running on minimal resources and needing to be mindful of how they manage their outputs.

There are many metaphors and analogies that refer to the sheer effort and efficiency of the honeybee at work. Each bee has his (or her) own special task that contributes to the well-being of the hive and they work tirelessly to ensure that things run smoothly as do those involved in our front-line organisations. 

And just like honeybees, we at TCV know that there is great value in working together so we can build knowledge and resilience throughout community organisations and into the wider community. That is why TCV is committed to;

Helping Tairāwhiti thrive by supporting grassroots organisations to link up, speak out, refer between and promote their services. 

The Koru

The koru is a symbol in Māori art that is based on the unfurling fern and symbolises new life, growth, strength and peace.

Similarly, TCV draws on the symbolism of the koru for its activities that support network members to build new beginnings, hope and resilience throughout the Tairāwhiti community.



Join us at our network meetings, click here for details, check the calendar or call Alice on 020 4190 0415

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