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Tairawhiti Resource Recovery Centre - Presentation by Gillian Ward

At this months network meeting we were lucky enough to have Gillian Ward come and present her ideas for a Tairawhiti Resource Recovery Centre.

"Thinking about how we deal with waste – it is a huge problem but can also be an opportunity.

Community Resources Whakatane, “CReW”, operates a resource recovery centre under the umbrella of Pou Whakaaro. This is a good example of what could be achieved in Gisborne and in the rural towns in Te Tairawhiti.

Resource recovery centres are places where inorganic waste is delivered, processed, and diverted from landfilling – towards re-use, recovery or recycling. This keeps valuable items circulating and out of landfill, reduces our impact on the environment, and can provide training and jobs in worthwhile work. There are 60 resource recovery centres in Aotearoa New Zealand already. Most are run by community groups as not for profit social enterprises.

CReW was initially set up with the help of a grant, but since then has been self-sufficient and employs four full time staff. About 100 people come through the facility every day – dropping off and purchasing.

Training is offered to employees in retail, for electrical appliance testing and small motors maintenance. Training is also available through Zero Waste Network. Micro-businesses have developed in conjunction with CReW, e.g. selling succulent plants in a delightful variety of ceramic cups, vases and bowls; a delivery business; an upcycled second-hand clothing room; a café; and a worm farming venture – selling worm juice.

With a clever name and a captivating vision, we could divert a lot of inorganic waste through resource recovery in Te Tairawhiti too."

Gillian's presentation was a great conversation starter. If you would like to get in contact with her. Contact us!

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