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We met the Candidates

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

It has been a big week for TCV with the Meet the Candidates forum last Monday - what a miserable wet day it was but still we had an amazing turn out of candidates and public with just about every seat filled.

A huge Thank You to all involved making the TCV Meet the Candidates Forum such a worthwhile event and to all who braved the cold and came to hear what the candidates had to say. It was awesome to see some 45 members of the public and 17 Candidates turn out on such a dismal, wet and windy day.    A big thank you to Leigh Pink from Toastmasters for her time keeping. Candidates had only a minute to answer the questions and Leigh kept them to time with a system of green & red lights and ding of the bell to call time. A minute was quite tight for the candidates who had to make their key points upfront - any longer and we wouldn’t have finished on time. As it was we had 15 minutes to spare and opened the floor for extra questions.

The 17 Candidates that came to talk to us about how they are going to support the wellbeing of the Tairawhiti Community. And TCV Chair, Liz (bottom right)

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