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17 ways to make your organisation more eco-friendly!

This month is Plastic Free July and to raise awareness I thought I would share some tips and ideas for your organisation to be more kind to our planet and save money doing it.

  1. Ensure your lights, electronics and heating is off over night.

  2. Buy Longer lasting office products. If your team is not so keen on google docs and typing up notes from meetings ensure the products you are using aims to last. For example buying refillable pens the cost at the start may be more than your average plastic pen but overtime it will save you money and hundreds of pens in the landfill. Opt for wooden and metal products over plastics.

  3. Use the air conditioning less and open up windows or go outside

  4. Use less paper by only printing the essentials

  5. Bring a plant to work. A great way to improve indoor air quality and bring nature indoors

  6. Encourage colleges to buy coffee less and make it more. A great way to combat the expense and excessive waste of a coffee run is to buy a small coffee machine and learn to make your own. This has become quite popular recently especially in large office spaces and co-working spaces. The benefits will pay off in the long run.

  7. Encourage staff carpooling to meetings and events. Saves money and your impact on the environment.

  8. Reuse and recycle. Your trash can be someone else's treasure.

  9. Host Zoom Conference instead of flying across country. This saves time, money and air pollution.

  10. Create an edible garden outside your office. Plant fruit trees and vegetables. This is a great way to encourage a green office community, save staff money, eat healthy and use your space as a positive environmental impact.

  11. Encourage leave your car at home days.

  12. Reduce water usage by doing dishes together at the end of the day rather than many times a day.

  13. Replace old appliances with new energy efficient ones.

  14. Utilise natural light

  15. Put a green reminder at the end of emails and newsletters reminding readers to only print essentials.

  16. Collect food waste and coffee grounds for composting

  17. Share your organisations eco journey and encourage others to join you!

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