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How to analyse and record your online presence (Mailchimp)

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Following on from last weeks blog post we will be looking at how to analyse your presence and engagement on Mailchimp.

It is important if you are doing weekly newsletters like myself that your audience is responsive to your content. And Mailchimp has many ways you can see if your audience is connecting. Here's some different tools I use.

Check out the Audience tab to check out your engagement. Mailchimp tracks it for you, showing you the percentages of people that engage often, sometimes and rarely. It also shows you where your audience is located. Through this information you can create targeted campaigns to those groups or set targets to increase engagement to less responsive contacts.

In the Campaign tab you can track your opens and clicks. This is the best way to track engagement and to measure setting achievable goals. Increasing your open stats is a great place to start.

A easy way to achieve this is having a mailing list clear out. There isn't much point sending it to 150 people if 50 haven't opened it for the last 6 months plus. It is important to either try re-engage those people or focus your content to those already engaged and this for sure will improve your open stats.

So how do I record these stats in a format easy to understand?

1. Yearly Summary

For this I gathered the different Open and Click stats for each month and create an average from the amount of newsletters that month. Then I combine all 12 months to see a full year view. At the end of the year I also figured out the average for the year in opens and clicks this allowed me to make an informed goal for the 2020 Action Plan.

2. Google Sheet

This is a great way to track increases overtime and can be useful data when reporting back on funding or to your board etc.

Next week I will explain how to analyse your website footprint and how to increase it.

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