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How to use post it notes to enhance your organisations environment!

1. Create a progress chart. Encourage staff collaboration by creating a Progress/Action chart. Use a wall or whiteboard and have 4 columns. 'To do' 'Working on it' 'Done' and 'Next Steps'. This is great to keep staff members on the same page and encourage collaboration within your team to complete tasks at hand.

2. Create a staff well being tracker. A good organisation keeps its staff members well being in mind so create a wall that staff can show how they are feeling today. You could use different coloured post it notes to display different emotions and encourage staff to look after each other and discuss emotions in the workplace in a safe way. The outcomes of the organisation will reap the benefits of a united and positive team.

3. Colorful office Calendar. There is nothing worse than blank white walls and empty windows. A colourful and interactive workplace makes for better work outcomes and encourages healthy work habits. Instead of having a boring black and white calendar in every office, how about having a calendar made of post it notes, colourful and flexible to your teams ever changing timetables. You can add pictures and doodles making it more of a positive experience to look at the calendar instead of a chore.

4. Vision board

Use post it notes to display your organisations vision, mission, goals and successes. This is a great way to remind staff and clients of your goals and keep you on track with your vision as a group.

5. Purpose flowchart

a post it note flowchart is another great way to display your organisations journey. Whether its a new concept or re imagining a current service or strategy its great to visualise your next steps and tasks. You could use it to highlight current funders, upcoming funding rounds and funders you want to approach in the future or your goals as an organisation past, present and future. Its a great way to show change and development and a reminder to keep moving forward.

Post it notes can be a cheap idea for creating a more positive work environment and encouraging staff collaboration along with many other things. We would love to hear your ideas for your organisation. Email me

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