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How to analyse and record your online presence (Wix Websites)

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Following on from last weeks blog post we will be looking at how to analyse your presence and engagement on Wix Websites. There are very few way to track visitors on your Wix website but here are two good ways to keep an eye on your audience.

1. Blog post views this is something anyone can see on your blog. At the bottom of the posts it displays how many views it has had which is good to track to see if your viewers are increasing.

2. Wix Apps, Visitor Analytics.

A great tool on wix to track visitors. But you must install it onto your site.

Click on "my sites" then "apps" and the "app market" will pop up. Search in the top bar Visitor Analytics and click "add". It will ask you to add a little invisible icon onto your website that only you can see not the public.

The way to access the collected information is go back to "my sites" and click "apps" and then "visitor analytics"

It will then give you a dashboard screen. Showing total visitors, unique visitors and total page visits, the location the visitors are viewing from. You can also pay to upgrade to gain more data.

Check out for further information or feel free to email me on with any questions.

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