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The Nan Evans Award is Back!

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

This special award acknowledges voluntary action, teamwork, inspirational leadership, or those with persistent determination to see that our community’s social needs are being addressed and that shared goals are being realised. Congratulations to our most recent winner of the Nan Evans Award (2018), Ray Stevenson. Ray was nominated for his 58 years involvement with St John, Gisborne. He’s pictured here with the first ever Nan Evans Award recipient Judy Livingston and TCV Chairperson Liz Graham.

The 2018 Nan Evans Award winner Ray Stevenson (centre), standing with first ever Nan Evans recipient Judy Livingston (left), and Tairāwhiti Community Voice Chairperson Liz Graham (right).

Ray started working as a Cadet at the age of 11 years and volunteered his time to do duty on the sports grounds and other community events. He became a voluntary telephonist at the age of 15 answering emergency calls and passing details over to the ambulance crew. He then became an attendant on the ambulance at the age of 21 and moved on to being a driver on the ambulance while still working his paid job as a mechanic. With consideration of the voluntary work Ray had completed, he was put forward for a permanent position as an Ambulance Officer. While holding this position he still ran the Gisborne Brigade for the adults. He was the Station Manager for over two years and has also worked as the Health and Safety Officer. Ray has been involved with the St John Area Committee for a number of years and gave talks to organisations to raise funds for St John - as well as working as a First Aid Tutor over this time.

Ray retired from full time Ambulance work after 34 years. However, he still serves on the Area Committee, is a Casual Rep for Telecare (St John Medical Alarms), and remains responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the St John Building in Gisborne. Ray has been nominated to be a Member of the Order of St John which recognises the work of individuals and is a part of the New Zealand Royal Honours system. We are so pleased to have had the opportunity to recognise Ray’s long term work within the community, and we are thankful that Ray and others like him continue to give us excellent people to recognise in memory of Nan Evans. One of the commitments we wanted to make this year was extending the amount of time we advertise and accept nominations for the Nan Evans Award. The Nan Evans Award is hugely important to us as an organisation as it celebrates a key aspect that makes communities thrive - strength of spirit and dedicated work for the community. The Nan Evans Award also continues to give our member organisations a great opportunity to acknowledge some of the great people that work hard to help their organisation thrive and provide value to the community. So as well as taking time to acknowledge Ray’s excellent achievements, I’d also like to mention we are accepting nominations for the Nan Evans Award 2019. Click here for the nomination form. Please note that you need to be a member of Tairāwhiti Community Voice Inc. to submit nominations - get in touch if you want to become a member!

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