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Top Tips for Facebook engagement!

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

I have been doing some research recently about how to attract more people to our Facebook page, thought I would share with you some things I learnt as they may be helpful for you and your organisation also.

1. Make sure you are set up as a business page not a personal profile. This allows you to reach a larger audience on Facebook, run ads, share your contact details and address more easily and set up chat bots on Messenger. Business Pages are more user friendly.

2. Images are the was to go!. Make sure you use high quality and interesting pictures to capture your audience. Original Images are the better route than something off google as your community connects more to images of places they know or people they know.

3. Post regularly and balanced content. The 70-20-10 rule. 70% your own material, 20% relevant content to your audience and 10% promotional content. By mixing up the content you keep your audience engaged.

4. Videos are the most attractive thing on Facebook. Facebook's  algorithm means people find videos that may interest them easier than any other content. 80% of Facebook users prefer watching videos on mute. Interesting!

5. Post at the correct time. Between 6 and 9am and 5-9pm is the most engaging time as it is when the most people are online.

Lastly keep track of your progress using 'Page insights' 

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