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Top Tips for Google Sheets/ Microsoft Excel

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

1. Use the templates available.

Something most people don't know is that Google Sheets has really handy templates for work places. Calender's, Planners, Rosters, Attendance, To-do lists and budgets, Invoices and reports. At the top of Sheets when you go to create a new spreadsheet you can click on Template Gallery (highlighted in yellow) and it will drop down with about 30 different templates you can customize.

2. Use colour!

There is nothing worse than looking over a large and number filled spreadsheet in black and white. Instead of writing yes and no you could use green and red, or have a key representing different age groups and for temperatures or percentages do a traffic light system for High, Moderate and low.

3. Formatting Currency and Percentages

If you have ever had to create a spreadsheet with percentages you will know the pain of having to put the percentage sign after ever number you type, but did you know there is a simple all in one way to do it a and for currency as well.

Create your spreadsheet and type in your numbers no need to worry about % or $. Once your done select all the numbers you want by holding CTRL and using the mouse. Then click the button highlighted in yellow below and it will convert into a percentage/currency of your choice.

4. More types of formatting

Along with buttons for percentages and currency there is also a drop down menu for more formatting. Click on the icon highlighted yellow below on your spreadsheet and it will give you more options to make your spreadsheet life easier.

5. Quick Find tool

If you have a large spreadsheet filled with data or names it can be hard to find exactly what you are looking for at a quick glance. Press CTRL+F.

This will pop up in the right hand corner of your screen. Click in the box and type in what your looking for and it will pop up with the different options. You can use the up and down arrows to scroll through the different options its found throughout your spreadsheet. Click on the three dots if you want to refine your search. This tool also works for all google tools like docs and drive and works on chrome as well.

Hope you found these five tips helpful.

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